Our store is always considering different ways of cooperation on different terms. We support developers of CMS systems for game projects and websites, for this we able for exchanging of banners, links and other promotional materials. Our HTML coders are also ready to integrate our templates to your CMS system, thereby increasing the interest in it among potential users and buyers around your developing. It is possible to add the category of your CMS system to our store database.

You also can become part of our team that never stops working on new products and services in Gaming Website development area and open your own Template marketplace on our store.

Artist Control Panel:

Become a Template Artist. To become an Artist on our store, you need at least 5 ready-made templates for sale that will be moderated and meet our high quality standards. After successful account moderation, you will got an access to the Designer panel, where you can track all sales of your templates, add new templates for sale, create requests to withdraw the earned balance to your PayPal, Visa / Mastercard account or using TransferWise and other individual methods. You will also receive a personal page of the Artist marketplace on our store, through which potential customers can contact you directly and order unique services.

Level Benefit percent of PSD sale Benefit percent of HTML sale * Earnings sum needed
Silver Level 60% 30% 0 EUR
Emerald Level 65% 32.5% 500 EUR
Golden Level 70% 35% 1500 EUR
* — This also applies to templates with CMS adaptation, made by other Coder. If you code your template by yourself, then the overall benefit will be equated to the PSD sale.

Become a Coder. We are always looking for html and CMS coders that can code our Artist's PSD layouts to HTML templates and integrate it to CMS systems that our store supports. Coders are also given access to the Coder's personal panel, where they can track all sales and withdraw their earnings.

Level Benefit percent of HTML sale Earnings sum needed
Silver Level 30% 0 EUR
Emerald Level 32.5% 500 EUR
Golden Level 35% 1500 EUR

If you are interested in any way of cooperation, please contact the administration of our store using the following contacts:
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: Templstock
Telegram: @dkarts